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Breed Hang Out


New for 2022!

We are always amazed at the sheer amount of different breeds that visit our festival so we thought it was about time to get them all together. Over the weekend we have a timetable of different breed hang outs. Visit the specially set aside area (on our map) at the designated time and hopefully you’ll be met by plenty of fellow lookalikes - great for paw networking, insta influencers and group photographs.

This year the Breed Hang Out will be manned by two fabulous charities, The Dogs Trust and Guide Dogs

 (on different days unless super busy)


You never know…you may even recreate a scene from long lost family! Not sure where they fit? Don’t worry we love all dogs equally here…just join a group most like your dog. There are over 200 registered KC breeds, and whilst we can’t include every breed we’ve tried to have as many as we pawsibly can! 


What group will be the biggest?


10.30am - Sled Dogs

11.00am - Sheepdogs & Collies 

11.30am - Sighthounds & Longdogs 

12.00pm - Shepherds 

12.30pm - Boxers 

1.00pm - Spaniels 

1.30pm - Poodle crosses (Cockapoo, Labradoodle anything with an oooooo)

2.00pm - Staffies 

2.30pm - Beagles 

3.00pm - Dachshunds 

3.30pm - Rare Breeds


10.30am - Spitz 

11.00am - Terriers 

11.30am - Bully Breeds 

12.00pm - Newfies, St Bernards, Great Danes, Leos (any gentle giant of the dog world)  

12.30pm - Labradors & Retrievers 

1.00pm - HPR dogs, Pointers and Setters

1.30pm - Frenchies, Bostons and Pugs 

2.00pm - Small Paws (Chihuahuas, Pomeranians etc)

2.30pm - Poodles

3.00pm - Dalmations

3.30pm - we aren’t really sure…but we love them just as much!