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Owners of dogs who pull on the lead, have no recall and no focus - listen up! 

Scentventure is a new way to walk your dog!


Discover the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable route to stress free dog walks.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You had dreams of long relaxing walks and fun days out, but your dog pulls on the lead so much that walks feel like a chore

  • You would love to let them off anywhere, but you’re terrified they’ll disappear and get themselves - and you - into trouble!

  • You want to go to cafes, pubs and meet up with friends, but your dog is distracted by the slightest things and can’t settle down - which means you can’t either

  • You KNOW there must be more to walks than chucking a tennis ball around!

In other words, you just want to enjoy fun, relaxing walks and days out - like everyone else. You’re worried you look like a bad dog owner, out of control, on edge in case your dog causes another scene and you dread the moment they show you up again.


I know exactly how that feels.

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4 Ways to Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Leash the scentventure way

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Hi, I’m Katie…

I help the owners of reactive and easily distracted dogs LOVE walking their dogs.


My own rescue dog Lao used to pull, bark and lunge. I desperately wanted to take him everywhere with me and I felt so guilty that he missed out on all the fun, adventure and freedom that I saw other people enjoying with their dogs. I was envious. He deserved that too. It was like I was letting him down, failing him. 


Scentventure gave us back our freedom. 


We discovered a simple framework to enjoy days out, holidays, off lead trips to the beach and the forest, and trips to pubs and cafes. The twice daily dread, the excuses and apologies became a thing of the past and best of all, I no longer felt I was failing Lao because I knew I was giving him everything he needed to be happy and fulfilled.


Now we have an international community of Scentventure Superstars enjoying stress free walks and adventures all around the world!


I would love to help you too.

Scentventure is a dog training & lifestyle framework

Scentventure is a dog training & lifestyle framework that gives you everything you need to calm, focus and train your reactive or easily distracted dog so you can take back your freedom and enjoy stress free dog walks with a well behaved and happy companion. 

Is it just about sniffing?


You probably already know that your dog has an incredible sense of smell.


And you may have heard that scentwork is like a miracle for calming down reactive and easily distracted dogs. 


But did you know that ⅓ of your dog’s brain is dedicated to their sniffing superpower? That’s why sniffing is so relaxing - it uses A LOT of brainpower! 


In Scentventure we hack into this naturally rewarding and relaxing sense a lot. It’s not all about scentwork though - scent is just ONE of the tools from our kit of techniques that bring calm confidence and focus to reactive, anxious and overexcitable, easily distracted dogs to make them walk nicely on the lead, come back when called, walk past other dogs without a meltdown and ignore distractions. 


In other words, Scentventure is a full and complete solution to your dream of stress free dog walks.

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Ready to join them?

Scentventure’s free dog training challenges have given thousands of dog owners worldwide the tools to enjoy relaxing dog walks 🌏🫶


Some people love the quick wins that make their life easier straightaway, or the toolkit of techniques that just gets more and more effective the more they use it.


For others it’s the lightbulb moments - all of a sudden they understand how their dog’s mind works and so they know how to keep them calm, focused and engaged at all times. 


Many people join the challenge after they’ve tried lots of solutions that didn’t work. Most people stumble across the challenge by accident and it ends up transforming their lives. 


❝ I saw a post in our walking group about the 7 days challenge. I thought we have nothing to lose, let’s give it a try! We had to do something so that we could all start enjoying our walks again. I am so pleased we did! He has stopped pulling, if he’s on the long line he keeps coming back and checking in, he’s like a different dog! ❞


— Jennifer Earle & Buddy


Ready to join them?

This summer we’re combining the thrill of exploration with effective training techniques for loose lead walking, recall and focus around distractions. Our FREE dog training toolkit is designed to strengthen the connection between you and your dog while addressing problem behaviours in an exciting and engaging way.


Leave behind the frustrations of loose lead walking, unreliable recall and dull monotonous walks - and embrace the thrill of conquering challenges together!

Try it for yourself 

Join us for a FREE Seven Days of Scentventure challenge! 


Discover how quick and simple techniques can transform your dog’s behaviour. Delivered to your inbox and private Facebook group - designed to fit into your busy day.



What people said after just 7 days of Scentventure

‘’He has stopped pulling, if he's on the long line he keeps coming back and checking in, he's like a different dog!’’ 

Jennifer & Buddy


‘’I feel like there is hope we will eventually be able to enjoy interesting walks without stressing about how busy they might be, which would be amazing! THANK YOU!!’’

Jenny & Stan


‘’I just wanted to say the sincerest of thank yous for all your help this week. I have had a 1-2-1 trainer from July and you have helped me in these 7 days more than he has in the past 6 months.’’ 

Beth & Buddy


We can’t wait to welcome you to the Scentventure Have a Go area 

Come and have a go at sniffing, exploring and adventuring! Your dog will try their paw at climbing, balancing, crawling under and going over the top! 


The team of expert dog trainers and behaviourists will show you how quick and simple techniques can make your everyday walks easier, calmer and more fun. Plus get advice about recall, loose lead walking and reactivity - ask us anything!


Just look for the Scentventure logo on the map. 

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Welcome to the dog training challenge with a difference.

Prevent pulling, lunging and recall problems with a toolkit of quick + simple training techniques to calm your easily distracted dog so they relax, ignore distractions and listen to you. And have way more fun in the process!

Try it for yourself and get…

🐕  Simple techniques to defeat distractions and fire up your dog’s focus FAST. 

🐕  Calming tools that just get more and more effective with time. 

🐕  Fascinating insight into how your dog’s mind works so you know how to keep them calm and relaxed in a whole range of different situations.

🐕  A clear plan for how to use the techniques beyond the challenge for a lifetime of calm, canine behaviour.

Unleash the true potential of your canine companion and embark on an unforgettable journey towards a well-behaved and adventure-ready dog.


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