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Doggy Days Creche & Grooming Salon

As the first ever dog crèche in the UK, Doggy Days was founded over 20 years ago to provide the best of care for the dogs of our region.


Though the business has grown to include a Dog Grooming Salon and more recently a Dog Boutique, our guiding principal that “It’s all about the dog” remains at the heart of everything we do.

Established as the UK’s first Dog Crèche in 2003, our 5 STAR
accredited, Premium Day Care Centre is where your dog would choose, because at Doggy Days “it’s all about the dog”.


The Dog Salon offers bathing & drying, clipping, scissor work, hand strips, teeth brushing, nail clipping, puppy pampers & VIP premium care packages.


The Dog Boutique - Our very own brand created for Doggy Days and used in our grooming salons, including, shampoo's, breath freshening foam and Baby Powder Spritz.

being part of the festival

Doggy Days Creche & Grooming Salon

Our purpose is 'it's all about the dog' and we have cared for our precious pooches for the last 20 years. Our premises are regularly used by WAG and Co North East friendship dogs to assess their dogs, our little way of supporting the local community.

You'll find us at this years festival with The Dog Boutique products, treats, toys and we will be providing nail clipping services.

You'll find us on

Cramlington 01670716666
Bedlington 01670 531648

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"We are really excited to have Chris and the team from Doggy Days returning for another year. Their support through sponsorship enables us to provide a fantastic area and lots of gorgeous rosettes for the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter Dog Show. This means the charity can raise plenty of funds for the shelter." 

Rebecca Ashworth Earle - Festival Co Founder 


Roo's Journey

Joining us again will be the team from Roo's Journey. You'll be able to enter their dog show throughout the weekend and visit their area to find out more about the work they do, learn about the fabulous Roo plus find out more about the charities they are raising money for. 

Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter


 We have the wonderful team from the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter returning to the festival for a second year. You'll be able to enter their dog show throughout the weekend and support their wonderful charity. Visit their area to find out more about the work they do and the animals they have for rehoming. 

There is also a special main ring timetable slot reserved for dogs that have been rehomed from the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter. More details coming soon. 

Check out this years dog show sponsor for
Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter
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