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Has your dog got what it takes to negotiate the jumps, weaves and tunnels in our have a go agility rings.


Maybe they are the next superstar in the making. 



Returning for their fourth year is Eclipse Flyball and their team to introduce dogs to the wonderful world of flyball.


Does your dog love a ball and love to run? Then this might be just the sport for them! 


Gundog Scurries

Nordic Dogs is back and bigger than ever! Every year our Gundog Area gets bigger and this year is no different.


Dogs can try their paw at the novice scurry, advanced scurry and even a hunt scurry (complete with fake birds and cover!) 

This year we even have a water obstacle! 



Bored of the same old dog walks and want to make things more interesting? Scentventure is all about making your walks better: fun, focused, adventurous.


It’s about strengthening your connection so they choose YOU over the many distractions out there.


Navigate a sniffy obstacle course and learn to use the techniques on your everyday walks for fun, calm and focus. Your dog will try their paw at climbing, balancing, crawling under, going around and over the top! Plus get advice from our expert team of trainers and behaviourists.

Join Katie and her team and introduce your dog to the fantastic world of Scentventure. 

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Talking Dogs Rally

Talking Dogs Rally is a fun sport that involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform; think of it as a sort of ‘obedience exercise obstacle course’ including a range of fun and challenging exercises.


The sport is designed specifically for pet dogs and their owners and focuses on natural movement and maintaining balance by having the dogs working on both the left and right sides. 


Small Paws

Designed for the smaller breeds at the festival, our small paws area is a mix of games and little agility with size appropriate equipment. Our festival is all about inclusivity and including the smaller legs is important to our team. 


UK Sniffer Dogs

Every dog loves to sniff, its enriching, stimulating, calming and has great behavioural benefits. 

Every dog can do it! 

New for 2023! Visit the UK Sniffer Dogs have a go and learn all about how to get your dog started and why its such a fantastic activity to get involved in.


Lure Racing

How speedy is your hound?

Join the Wallsend and Rising Sun Whippet Racing Club to test your dogs speed against the lure.



Come and be guided by professional dog trainers and see how you can interact with the natural world around you in a fun and engaging way in the dog parkour playground.  


Canny Canines

If you have a speedy hound then our fastest recall is for you, timed against the clock, only the quickest will get those fabulous rosettes!


Think your dog can resist tempation? then add fastest recall with plenty of toys, food, and distractions and you'll get our temptation alley. Speed and focus are a must. 


You can also have a go at their agility course. 


Good Citizen 
and Rally

Join Curlabull Dog Training Have a Go, areas you will be able to put your dog through its paces and be amazed at how quickly they can pick up the tricks needed for Rally.

In our Good Citizen Have a Go, you can try and complete the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze award and get a Kennel Club Certificate.


TrailDog CaniSports Area

The ‘TRAILDOG CaniSports Area’ will offer the chance to ‘have a go’ at canicross and our mini-UltiMutt course (our obstacle course in September). Both will be absolutely FREE. 

Also featured in this new area will be scooter and bikejor demos, a Non-stop dogwear shop and TRAILDOG merch store. 

We will be supported by our friends and club, Geordie CaniSports, who will be helping to facilitate the sessions, talk kit and fit harnesses. They will also be on hand to talk about the club and the many benefits of joining (they also hold regular free intro sessions locally)! Check out their Facebook page if you can’t wait until the festival.



Mantrailing is like a giant game of hide and seek
with your dog! Working as a team, using your
dogs amazing sense of smell to follow a scent
trail and find their trail layer = big party at the
end! Almost any dog can take part.

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