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Have a Go

The festival welcomes experienced instructors and clubs from across the region to bring you a fabulous range of activities that your dog can try their paw at. 


Maybe your dog will prefer quieter activities like Scentventure or Rally; perfect for decompressing and slowing it all down.


Are they on the smaller side? Then enjoy accessible areas like Small Paws Games and Hoopers.


Got a speed demon? Then give the fastest recall and lure racing a a ball then we of course have the fast and furious flyball! 

Hoopers, Gundog Scurries, Lure Racing, Fastest Recall and Tempation Alley all have hourly prizes for the quickest dogs and the overall superstar will take home the coverted  Festival Champion title. 



Has your dog got what it takes to negotiate the jumps, weaves and tunnels in our have a go agility rings. Maybe they are the next superstar in the making. 

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Returning for their fourth year is Eclipse Flyball and their team to introduce dogs to the wonderful world of flyball. Does your dog love a ball and love to run? Then this might be just the sport for them! 

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Join Adele and her team to have a go at some great relationship building games. Can your dog do a middle, or maybe learn to put their front feet on (almost) anything?

Find out the games you can play with your dog to help boost their confidence, loose lead walking and even recall. 

You can also see Adele demonstrate some of these concepts during the weekend in our Demonstration Arena. 

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Gundog Scurries

Nordic Dogs is back and bigger than ever! Every year our Gundog Area gets bigger and this year is no different. Dogs can try their paw at the novice scurry, advanced scurry and even a hunt scurry (complete with fake birds and cover!) 

It's always a crowd puller and its worth coming back for more as every hour the fastest dogs win some great prizes! Not to mention becoming festival Champion. 

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Enjoy the wonderful inclusive and low impact sport of Hoopers. Dogs can have a go at negotiating Hoops and large tunnels against the clock. Every hour the fastest dogs will win some great prizes.

Will your dog be the Hoopers Champion?

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Discover how the four Compass Points of Scentventure can help your pulling, barking, lunging, bored dog feel calm and focused so you can enjoy a stress free life together. Learn simple techniques that you can start using today to transform your difficult dog into one that you love taking for a walk again. Join Katie and her team and introduce your dog to the fantastic world of Scentventure. 

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Talking Dogs Rally

Talking Dogs Rally is a fun sport that involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform; think of it as a sort of ‘obedience exercise obstacle course’ including a range of fun and challenging exercises.


The sport is designed specifically for pet dogs and their owners and focuses on natural movement and maintaining balance by having the dogs working on both the left and right sides. 

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Small Paws

Designed for the smaller breeds at the festival, our small paws area is a mix of games and little agility with size appropriate equipment. Our festival is all about inclusivity and including the smaller legs is important to our team. 

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Lure Racing

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Wallsend Rising Sun Whippet Racing Club


Come and be guided by professional dog trainers and see how you can interact with the natural world around you in a fun and engaging way in the dog parkour playground.   The Dog Log & Fellowship Dog Training have teamed up once again to show you the sport that is Dog Parkour.

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Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 10.01.40.png

Canny Canines

If you have a speedy hound then our fastest recall is for you, timed against the clock, only the quickest will get those fabulous rosette!


Think your dog can resist tempation? then add fastest recall with plenty of toys, food, and distractions and you'll get our temptation alley. Speed and focus are a must. 


You can also have a go at their agility course. 

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Good Citizen 
and Rally

On Saturday you will be able to enter your dog in the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award, not sure what its all about? Watch the demonstration in our arena. More details will be available before September. 

On Sunday have a go at Rally which is a type of fun obedience that is accessible to all dogs and all handlers, no matter their level of ability and fitness. Dogs and handlers follow a course of fun signs which instruct them what to do. 

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On Saturday we are joined by the team from Geordie Cani-Sports; you and your dog can have a go and watch demonstrations on BikeJor, Scooter. 


On Sunday learn about the fast-growing sport of Canicross  demonstrations from Consett Canicross members, kit demos and a chance to run with our dogs to experience how you and your dog can work as a team.

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Trick Training

Heelwork + Trick Training activity ring where Jessie will be  demonstrating different handling techniques with your dogs, training heelwork and tricks and answering any questions you may have on behaviour too. 

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