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The North East Dog Festival is organised by a passionate family team and over 50 furry paws! 


Across the team we have over 30 years experience of dogs - and compete, train and teach in a variety of disciplines. 

Outside of dogs we are very lucky that our team has knowledge and experience in everything from event management to social media marketing and everything in-between. 

As a team we hold a very strong belief that our dogs should be given the best life possible for the short time they grace our lives - and that is very much the inspiration for this event.

We've handpicked activities and worked closely with all of the clubs at this years festival to ensure a wide variety of activities and have a go opportunities are available. Plus over 100 amazing exhibitors.

Not every activity will be suitable for every dog...but what matters is that as owners you will have the chance to speak to vets, trainers, behaviourists, experts and more - all in one place. Where else can you do that in a day?

From inspiring main ring displays, to a wealth of knowledge in the seminar marquee and local clubs spanning the site offering everything from agility to canicross, hoopers to flyball. (plus many more!)

Here in Northumberland we have been lucky enough to secure a venue that can help bring our vision to life. Coupled with some amazing sponsors...we are sure its going to be a great day for dogs and their owners. 

As a team we live, breath and work with dogs everyday. The event is the result of years of passion, dedication and investment to create an annual one of a kind festival for dogs.

Come along and support this family run business and you might just change you and your dogs life for the better! 🧡

Lucy, Meg, Tyne, Holly, Scout, Mav, Jake, Coco, Buck, Olly, Luna, Berry, Mouse, Indi, Jasper, Raven 🐾

(and the humans Dawn and Rebecca)


Rainbow bridge dogs Hunter and Rusty

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