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Wellness Marquee

Every year our Wellness Marquee hosts a number of expert speakers and this year will be no different. Listen to talks on everything from dog behaviour to first aid, canine massage and nutrition. 


Expert advice and demonstrations  take place in a

gorgeous festival style bell tent on our South Field.

Find out more below. Timetable subject to change. 


Pet Blood Bank UK

How your dog could help to save lives!

Every year, thousands of dogs need lifesaving blood transfusions, but this is only possible if healthy dogs donate their blood to help. Come along to find out how your dog could become a lifesaving blood donor and how else you can support the vital work of Pet Blood Bank UK. 


Heather Stevens

Beyond the Breed

Functional Characters in Dogs

Why the knowledge of functional characters gives us a much deeper understanding of our dogs.

Amy Fletcher RVN CertVNECC

The Dog First Aid Co. Ltd

"Dogs don't just die in hot cars!" 


Heat stroke is one of the leading causes of preventative death in dogs! Let's beat the heat together with a talk on the causes of heat stroke, which dogs are most at risk, staying cool preventive measures and the most effective cooling techniques to save your dogs life.

Purdey photo cropped.png

Sue McClennan

Galen Myotherapy

Canine Myotherapy

Sue will be talking about how Myotherapy can benefit all dogs from young canine athletes through to aging arthritic veterans. 


Sue will also demonstrate some simple techniques using one of my own dogs and explain the physical and physiological effects.

Nathan Squires.jpeg

Nathan Squires

The Dog Log

Dog Body Language

OMG, did you see what your dog just said??? Have you ever wondered what your dog just said to you or questioned what that approaching dog is saying? If so then this is a talk where you can start to learn the intricacies of this foreign language that is dog body language. 


Dev McManus

Winston and Porter Premium

Canine Supplements

Arthritis, your dog and what you can do about it?

This will focus on the ever increasing problem of arthritis in womans/mans best friend and treatments to help this. We will look at specific foods and ingredients one can add to your dog's diet to make their lives more comfortable and happier.

Adele Kirkup

Dashing Dogs

Reshaping Reactivity 

Training in the situation is very much a common strategy that is employed throughout the dog world. The way your dog's brain is shaped is acting a certain way right now.


Learn about concept training and how we train for the situation to help our dogs grow in confidence, disengagement and focus! Understand why your dog may be reacting the way they are and how you can better understand your dog. 


 Mark Elliot

Lost Dog Trapping Team

Mark will be doing a talk through on who the team is, what they do (bringing lost and straying dogs back to safety and re-uniting them with their owners)

Mark Image.jpg
Nathan L.webp

Nathan Leighton

The Dog Trainers

Top Tips for Helping Your Reactive Dog!

During this 30 minute talk, I will be discussing the top tips from my 5Ms process to resolve reactivity.


The 5Ms process has been used with thousands of dogs all across the UK to get the best results for reactive dogs, using kind and Canine-Human relationship-boosting methods.


This method isn't solely aimed at helping your dog, if implemented correctly, walks will instantly be improved for both ends of the lead, without any stress or frustration. 


Zoë Freedman

MChiro PGCert MSc (Paeds) DC FRCC (Paediatric Faculty) FRCC (Animal Faculty) MBVCA MIVCA

Chiropractic: What’s the crack?

Chiropractic has been recognised in the exemptions order of the vet act since 1962. Although stereotypically characterised by adjustive techniques (specific manipulations of joints), chiropractic is a profession not a technique. Focus is on multifaceted treatment and home care advice as well as rehabilitation. 

Why should you consider chiropractic for your dog and how could  a “healthy” dog benefit?

Zoe Freedman has been in mixed practice for 18 years and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors. As well as working in private practice she wrote and delivers an internationally recognised masters level course for vets and chiropractors.


Katie   Guastapaglia

Dogwood Adventure Play


Everyone wants to fix their dog’s pulling, barking, lunging and recall so they learn all the fantastic tips, tricks and training techniques.


There’s just one problem.


One thing holding them back…


Their own confidence.


Who here would like more confidence? 


My own hand is up… 🙋🏻‍♀️


Maybe you don’t feel confident that you know exactly what you should be doing with your dog - there’s new science, new products, new foods, treatments, training techniques all the time so you look around to see what everyone else is doing and you compare your dog to other dogs, yourself to other dog owners. Maybe you're not confident about how to fix a dangerous, worrying or annoying behaviour - they’re pulling on the lead, have no recall or they're reactive or aggressive… and you don't know how to fix it. 


There are two steps you need to take in order to feel confident walking your dog.


At the North East Dog Festival I’ll show you your track to confident, relaxing walks and more fun, freedom and adventure with your reactive or easily distracted dog.


And it’s not by chanting mantras or reading a shelf of self help books. It’s about simple, actionable strategies.


I can’t wait to share this with you in the Wellness Marquee.




Katie specialises in helping reactive and easily distracted dogs in her international community of Scentventurers enjoying fun, freedom and adventure all over the world, and thousands more who visit her dog adventure playgrounds.


“She’s started a goddamn movement!” 

-Dominic Hodgson, Pet Business Inner Circle 

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