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The Wellness Tipi

The wellness tipi will provide visitors with a weekend packed with expect speakers covering a range of topics. You'll be able to enjoy and learn everything from first aid to behaviour, nutrition and more.

This year the wellness speakers will be hosted in a beautiful tipi - new for 2023!

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"As one of the more established vets with several practices in Northumberland we wanted to show our support for the festival.


We see so many dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds and we feel promoting the health & wellness of our animals is of huge importance so what better way to enlighten people as to what we offer than by sponsoring the wellness tipi."

Hazel Bone, Alnorthumbria Vets


Alnorthumbria Vets

Professional care with modern facilities and expertise Alnorthumbria Vets is a mixed practice that treats all species of domestic animals (and a few wild ones as well).


Within the practice, the vets have developed special interests, so we have separate teams of vets dedicated to the care of farm animals, horses and small animals – dogs, cats and other small pets.


We have seven centres across Northumberland, from Wooler in the north to Ponteland in the south. We pride ourselves on offering a genuine 24-hour service, and on professional and individual care backed up by a wealth of experience and expertise.

being part of the festival

with Alnorthumbria Vets

We will hope to have both vets and nurses on hand in the tent to talk about weight management, behaviours and the extra services we offer such as acupuncture whilst also promoting the benefits of our Healthy Pet Club.


We will offer basic first aid & load score assessments to older pets.


We will cater for the children by showing them how to bandage their teddy or offering a colouring corner providing information on a visit to the vets.

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"We are thrilled to have Alnorthumbria Vets onboard this year. The wellness tipi is such an integral part of the festival ethos and we are excited for the weekend plans. It's a privilege to be able to put together such an array of speakers and it all be included free for visitors." 

Rebecca Ashworth Earle - Festival Co Founder 

At the Vet

Pet Blood

Bank UK

How your dog could help

to save lives!

Every year, thousands of dogs need lifesaving blood transfusions, but this is only possible if healthy dogs donate their blood to help. Come along to find out how your dog could become a lifesaving blood donor and how else you can support the vital work of Pet Blood Bank UK. 


Heather Stevens

Beyond the Breed

Pet Personalities Unwrapped

Why the knowledge of functional characters gives us a much deeper understanding of our dogs.

Caroline Howlett


Why dog walking is an

extreme sport!

Caroline will be talking about dog walking in a public setting with dogs from different families with their own challenges.


How it helps people understand how to meet the challenges we all face whilst walking our dogs and how to treat it like a sport in order to achieve those elite skills and enjoy it.


Sue McClennan

Galen Myotherapy

Canine Myotherapy

Sue will be talking about how Myotherapy can benefit all dogs from young canine athletes through to aging arthritic veterans. 


Sue will also demonstrate some simple techniques using one of my own dogs and explain the physical and physiological effects.


Sarah Jones

My Anxious Dog

Yellow Pathways: Navigating the World with Anxious Dogs

Meet Sarah Jones, the compassionate mind behind My Anxious Dog. With a deep understanding of the unique stories hidden within every pawprint, Sarah has embarked on a mission to create a more empathetic world for our furry friends facing anxiety and reactivity challenges.


Through her dedication, My Anxious Dog specialises in crafting yellow space awareness products, designed not only to provide comfort and security to nervous companions but also to signal to others that these dogs require a little extra space.


Sarah's belief is simple: every dog, regardless of their challenges, deserves to walk through life with confidence. Her thoughtfully designed products stand as a testament to this philosophy, supporting dogs and their humans on their shared journey. Join Sarah who created #dogsinyellow in fostering understanding, empathy, and a brighter, stress-free future for our beloved pets.

Nathan Squires

The Dog Log

Reinforcement. What it is and how we use it.


Nathan Leighton

The Dog Trainers

South Shields Dog Trainers

5 Steps to Create The

Perfect Recall Using


During this talk we will be discussing the 5 steps to teaching an awesome recall.


We aim to change the current way of training the dog to come back for a treat and teach it using neuroscience and a reflex arc neuropathway, creating an automatic response to come back.

Nathan L.webp

Katie   Guastapaglia

Dogwood Adventure Play

Stop Walking Your Dog

(Let’s go on a Scentventure instead!)

Sick of being dragged down the street by your pulling, barking, lunging dog?


Or are you bored of the same old walks and you’re ready for something new?


Learn how to reinvent the standard dog walk! Katie will share how to inject fun, focus and adventure into your everyday dog walks so that your dog calms down, listens to you and relaxes.


Oh, and you’ll have way more fun together!

Martin Peagam

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Changing Lives: Hearing Dogs for Deaf People 

Hi, I'm Martin Peagam and I'm the Community Fundraising Manager (North East) for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. At Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, our aim is to help deaf people leave loneliness behind and reconnect with life. We breed and train Hearing Dogs, who change the lives of deaf adults and children across the UK

I will be talking about how deafness affects people, and how Hearing Dogs transform the lives of people, including insights into how the dogs are bred, trained, and matched with deaf people.

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