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Have you got the Best in Show?

The North East Dog Festival is pleased to announce the dog show categories for this year’s event.

Due to the success and popularity of our last dog show at the festival we have teamed up with two fantastic organisations to bring not one, but two dog shows. As a team we are committed to making sure the dog festival provides a great platform for charities.

Registration is from 10am for both dog shows so make sure you are there early to avoid missing out on your favourite class. Online forms will be available for download before the day; this is handy so you can go straight and pay for your classes.

Large classes will be split where necessary and rings will be large so plenty of space. Judges will be announced shortly. Rosettes from 1st-10th place in all classes including special rosettes. Best In Show, Reserve Best In Show and a special from each show will go in to compete in the main ring for overall Show Champion. Our Show Champion is sponsored by Northumberland County Council Adoption & Foster Care. Prizes provided by Tilly and Blue the Pet Portrait specialists.

Raising money for Contact Group Morpeth

Registration from 10am. First class will start at 11.30am

  • Best Biscuit Catcher

  • Shiniest Coat

  • Wiggliest dog

  • Friendliest Dog

  • Most Awesome Eyes

  • Best Pawshaker

  • Prettiest Bitch

  • Most Handsome Dog

  • Best Junior Handler

Raising money for Roo's Journey

Registration from 10am. First class starts at 12.00pm

  • Cutest puppy (16 weeks to 1 year)

  • Most Fabulous Fella

  • Loveliest Lady

  • Gorgeous Golden Oldie (8+)

  • Best Rescue (everyone's a winner)

  • Happiest Tail

  • Most Unique

  • Best Fancy Dress

  • Musical Sits

Dog Shows are run by and organised by the parties listed above and will adhere to Kennel Club Companion Dog Show ruling. Please note these dog shows are part of a larger festival which requires tickets for entry. Judges decision is final. Classes and timings are subject to change without notice. Please check back before the day for further timings. Disclaimer: By entering into the dog festival you are agreeing to take full responsibility for, any injury or damage to your dog(s) and it is not the liability of The North East Dog Festival or any of the corresponding clubs running events. You are fully liable for your animal should they cause any damage or injury. Any dog showing aggressive behaviour at the show will be asked to leave with no refund given. In the interests of hygiene make sure you pick up after your dog and use the bins provided. Any photos taken by official show photographers may be used in future for promotion of the show. Visitors are reminded that the terrain of the show may be unstable please be aware of the possibility of slips, trips and falls. By entering the show you are agreeing to the above disclaimer and that the images taken may be used.

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