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Paddy is going to be pintastic!

Earlier this year, for the very first time, we launched our pintastic competition,

If you've been lucky enough to win one of our fabulous festival pins over the years you'll know these gorgeous keepsakes can be won every year and feature some of our favourite characters and breeds.

Over 300 entries were sent in and our team spent weeks going through the wonderful photographs and stories of some of the much loved dogs of the North East.

So for 2024 we introduce Paddy as our pintastic winner! Paddy will be sketched by Rebecca at the wonderful Fliss Floss Pet Portraits - link here

Find out more about this wonderful little one below...and look out for his pin at this years festival.

Paddy is a 3 year old Yorkshire terrier.  He is a very cuddly and loving dog to people who he knows well.  He is a small dog with BIG personality - and 'supermodel' long legs!  We call him 'Paddy-long-legs'.  Paddy loves nothing more than exploring his environment on walks through lots of scent work.  His favourite toys are his 'Lambie' and 'Kitty'. He will also do anything for food. Food is life!  Most weeks you will find Paddy at Dogwood Adventure Play in their enclosed fields.  His favourite thing to do is snuggle on his hoomum's bed in his blankets. 

Paddy is such a poser and loves to get his photograph taken - especially if it involves treats.  Paddy is reactive and very nervous to people and dogs that he is unfamiliar with.  Due to this, Paddy has never been to the North East Dog Festival.  Paddy would not enjoy it due to him being so nervous and anxious he would become overstimulated with the surroundings.  Paddy's hoomum has attended the festival on Paddy's behalf to shop, speak to dog trainers, watch the main ring and listen to seminars.  This has been a great opportunity for her to support Paddy's anxieties through advice from the trainers.  These strategies have allowed him to progress to walking past many of his triggers whilst on walks! 

Paddy is a great advocate for all of those reactive and nervous dogs who can't attend the festival.  The pin will help represent those dogs and they can be with us in spirit!  

Festival directors commented "Paddy's photograph jumped out at us, I mean just look at that face; and when we read his story, we were smitten. We are always really open and honest that dogs are the focus of our festival, and this means we don't mind telling people that not every dog will enjoy the hustle and bustle. Paddy is a perfect example of the importance of The North East Dog Festival and how bringing together so much knowledge and experience in one place can benefit dog owners - whether they are bringing a dog or not. Paddy's owner Heidi was able to get so much from the weekend and it has meant that Paddy has flourished.

Images; Mark Nicholson Imagery (@marknicholsonimagery)


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