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Meet our 2023 Cover Star

Our cover star competition is always one of the most popular posts on our socials and this year was no exception with over 450dogs vying for the front page. This year the winner was Indie, thanks to her owners for sending through this story so we can find out more about our wonderful winner below;

Indie came into our life unexpectedly in 2021, at approximately 12 months old. She was left abandoned in a rural farm in Northumberland, where she had previously been used as a bait dog on the hunting scene.

When Indie came to us, she had suffered from malnutrition, cigarettes burns, and infected wounds from being attacked by other dogs.

We received a message in the middle of the night asking if we could foster her, and without hesitation we said yes. A few days later, Indie came to us in a sorry state of affairs, and within 5 minutes we realised we couldn’t foster her… she was here, at her forever home.

Without knowing much of Indie’s background, we signed her up with Eclipse Flyball Club to help with socialisation and confidence boosting, where she has gone from strength and is now running for their fastest team, competing all across Britain.

Indie lives with her two brothers and enjoys running circles around them, pestering them to play with her, going away in the caravan, hiking mountains, and making sure she takes her teddy on all of her adventures.

Our once timid, unsocialised pup, has now flourished into a beautiful friendly dog, whose only goal in life is to make everyone around her happy.

I could go on about how special Indie is to us, but I’m sure from the picture you can see for yourself.

"Image of Indie taken by Lauren Gilholm" part of "Rescue Dogs and Their Stories" series


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