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Scentventure Success

This year The North East Dog Festival announced a partnership with the brilliantly talented Katie Guastapaglia, Founder of Dogwood Adventure Play Secure Fields and creator of the Scentventure training platform.

In June the Adventure Quest was launched, a 7 day free online training programme, and hundreds of dogs took part. Find out more about what Scentventure can do for your dog by clicking here

Check out some of the success stories from the programme and scroll down to find out when the next free training programme will launch.

Visiting the festival this year? Don't forget to visit the Scentventure have a go area.

Come and have a go at sniffing, exploring and adventuring! Your dog will try their paw at climbing, balancing, crawling under and going over the top!

The team of expert dog trainers and behaviourists will show you how quick and simple techniques can make your everyday walks easier, calmer and more fun. Plus get advice about recall, loose lead walking and reactivity - ask us anything!

Just look for the Scentventure logo on the map.

Nicola & Arthur - Had a lovely walk this morning. Arthur was a bit pully initially, but as I'm starting to recognise his triggers and stacking, I was able to use the tools and a bit more understanding of his need to sniff around his environment to feel calm and safe. It's been such a great experience so far and we're very excited to see what's coming next.

Louise & Callie - Callie and I love this tool, we use it a lot, at home, on walks and just for fun.

I think it helps Callie feel tall and safe and secure.

We would love to work on duration in the wild but we need more practice in the garden and on our ugly walks. Callie is hyper vigilant and struggles to stay in one place for too long, as life is just too exciting Love, love love this one!

Kathryn & Flynn - He started getting the hang of it and overall he was much happier on his walk (we also tried ‘Bear’ on a small wall) we both enjoyed some new things on our walk. His focus was lots better with other dogs - he even looked up from a sniff and wagged at one.

Welcome to the dog training challenge with a difference. Prevent pulling, lunging and recall problems with a toolkit of quick + simple training techniques to calm your easily distracted dog so they relax, ignore distractions and listen to you. And have way more fun in the process! Try it for yourself and get… 🐕 Simple techniques to defeat distractions and fire up your dog’s focus FAST. 🐕 Calming tools that just get more and more effective with time. 🐕 Fascinating insight into how your dog’s mind works so you know how to keep them calm and relaxed in a whole range of different situations. 🐕 A clear plan for how to use the techniques beyond the challenge for a lifetime of calm, canine behaviour. Unleash the true potential of your canine companion and embark on an unforgettable journey towards a well-behaved and adventure-ready dog.

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