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Go quakers for Mark and his team at this year's North East Dog Festival

The North East Dog Festival is pleased to announce that Mark Wylie & The Drakes of Hazard Duck Display Team will be joining the lineup in this years VetUK main ring.

Taking place on Saturday 9th September at Kirkley Hall in Northumberland the North East Dog Festival is set to be the biggest day in your dog’s calendar this year! Get your tickets HERE

This show will entertain, enthral, enchant and educate any audience both young and old alike. Watch as the tenacious Indian Runner Ducks skip with a nonchalant laid-back arrogance as they jaunt across the two infamous bridges; the "Golden Yolk Bridge" and the rope bridge, known to strike terror into lesser fowl, the "Bridge over the River Quack". The fun doesn't stop there - the ducks will then run through the long, dark and mysterious "Bermuda Tunnel" not to mention the feather-ruffling "Tower of Doom" requiring great courage and a leap of faith to complete it safely. Watch as Mark demonstrates the skill of his dogs and then grabs volunteers from the audience for some main ring participation.

"You'll be amazed at the skill as man and dog work together in harmony to control, direct and navigate a troop of fearless Indian Runner Ducks around an obstacle course at your event.Mark started this show in the picturesque village of Luss, on the banks of Loch Lomond, where he farms 1000 acres of rough hill ground. The shows, together with Mark's comical commentary, were so popular with locals and tourists alike that it wasn't long before Mark found himself supplying his premier arena entertainment performances for Fetes, Festivals, Galas, Agricultural shows, Game Fairs and even Weddings all over the country. Distance is no barrier for these ducks and they have delighted audiences from the Northern Isles of Lewis and Harris through the North of England as far south as York and even over the sea to Ireland.Mark got his first collie whilst still in his early teens and it wasn't long before he was entering local trials with his loyal dog Spot. All of the dogs compete at sheepdog trials, winning a respectable share of silverware as well as earning their corn on the farm. Naturally the dogs are Border Collies, arguably one of the most attractive and intelligent breeds in the world. Their amazing intelligence, stamina and eagerness to please makes them uniquely adaptable from the hillside to the ringside. The collies can find themselves rounding up sheep on a remote hill overlooking Loch Lomond one day then duck herding to delight a city audience the next!"

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