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Susan McKeon joins festival speaker lineup

The North East Dog Festival is pleased to announce that Susan McKeon will be joining the lineup of speakers at this year’s festival.

Taking place on Saturday 9th September at Kirkley Hall in Northumberland the North East Dog Festival is set to be the biggest day in your dog’s calendar this year! Get your tickets HERE

As well as have-a-go activities, dog shows, main ring displays and lots of shopping for the first time ever the festival will host an education marquee. A lineup of expert speakers will talk throughout the day on everything from behaviour to scentwork, nutrition to basic training. It’s a fantastic opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge all in one day - and all at no extra cost! Find out what Susan will be chatting about below;

In leaps and hounds – helping greyhounds to be great

It’s estimated that between 9,000 – 11,000 greyhounds retire from racing each year in the UK. After a life that has revolved around the race-track, once they retire greyhounds start their transition from canine athlete to companion animal.

Susan will be presenting a talk which provides an insight into helping greyhounds adjust to life post-racing and helping them learn how to be a companion animal.

She will also dispel many of the myths surrounding greyhounds, and prove they are more than the ‘40mph couch potato’! The talk will also explore some of the medical idiosyncrasies that all greyhound owners should be aware of, common behaviour issues, and the quirkier side of sharing life with a retired racing greyhound.

If you’re considering adopting a greyhound, wondered what it’s really like to live with a greyhound, or already have a greyhound (or two) in your life – this is the talk for you!

Susan McKeon


Susan McKeon is the national post homing support coordinator for Forever Hounds Trust, providing training and behaviour advice to owners and fosterers of Forever Hounds dogs. She also runs Happy Hounds Dog Training & Behaviour, which provides puppy and dog training classes, specialist greyhound-only activities, 1-2-1 training and behaviour consults.

Susan loves all dogs, but her passion is working with retired racing greyhounds. She has worked with several greyhound charities, written many articles about greyhounds, and presented at national and international conferences, talking about greyhounds and their behaviour.

Forever Hounds Trust is a national charity which is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of unwanted, abused or abandoned greyhounds and lurchers. Our vision is a day when every greyhound and lurcher is free from risk or need.

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