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Colin Goodall completes speaker line-up for the 2017 North East Dog Festival

The North East Dog Festival is pleased to announce that Colin Goodall of Natural Animal Sense completes the line up of fantastic speakers in the Benyfit Natural Education Marquee at this years North East Dog Festival.

Taking place on Saturday 9th September at Kirkley Hall in Northumberland the North East Dog Festival is set to be the biggest day in your dog’s calendar this year! Get your tickets HERE

As well as have-a-go activities, dog shows, main ring displays and lots of shopping for the first time ever the festival will host an education marquee. A lineup of expert speakers will talk throughout the day on everything from behaviour to scentwork, nutrition to basic training. It’s a fantastic opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge all in one day - and all at no extra cost! Find out what Colin will be chatting about below;

BE PRO-ACTIVE RATHER THAN RE-ACTIVE. Understanding the link between a dogs emotional health and physical health and why that affects their behaviour.

Colin, alongside Carin Webster, assists charities and rescue centres, as well as family dog owners with advice and techniques to help the dogs in all our lives. His talk will enlighten you as to why your dog behaves the way they do and what you can do to be pro-active in supporting your dog to cope with the everyday stresses they encounter.

If you understand why something is happening then that empowers you to be able to help. It will enable you to decide the best way to find or give support to the beautiful dog(s) that share your life.

Colin believes fully in educating you (the owner) so you become the most effective support system that your dog could ever want for. Instead of constantly reacting to what issues our dogs throw up at us, be proactive. Teaching your dog life skills and how to cope prior to an encounter instills confidence and trust in you as well as your dog.

Colin is the founder of EEt (Empowering Emotion therapy), he is a practitioner in Trust Technique and covers all species of Zoopharmacognosy. His prime target is to support animals so they can support themselves. He has held various talks and demonstrations throughout the country and teaches various subjects through CHANT (college of holistic and natural therapies).

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