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So you think your dog could be a TV Star?

Join Sue McCabe from Muttamorphosis at this years North East Dog Festival as she chats about what’s really involved in training your dog for the Hollywood set.

Sue is a regular guest lecturer in the North East, having presented talks in the past to the North East Veterinary Association, local dog businesses and animal care students at college level. Sue McCabe is the North East's only Kennel Club Accredited Advanced Companion Dog Trainer. She is also a full member of the Association of Dog Trainers UK and the Animal Behaviour & Training Council. Sue offers pet dog training classes in Newcastle from puppy to advanced level. She also provides private training & behaviour work in your own home throughout the North East. Sue sources and trains dogs for TV, photoshoot & film work. She is the owner/trainer of CBBC The Dumping Ground Dog, Mischief!

The Benyfit Natural Marquee will host a lineup of expert speakers throughout the day on everything from behaviour to scentwork, nutrition to basic training. It’s a fantastic opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge all in one day - and all at no extra cost! Find out what Sue will be chatting about below;

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