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Pawfection Photography joins The North East Dog Festival

Pawfection Photography will be on hand throughout the festival snapping away; visit their Facebook page to see images from the day.

Pawfection Photography is made up of 4 people, Jamie, Lee, Jessica and Micala. Jamie and Lee are the main photographers, whilst Jessica and Micala are on the admin/editing side of things. Jamie and Lee have over 15 years of photography experience, 5 of them on a professional level.

Pawfection Photography will be out and about taking photos of the various events being held, whilst also offering some one to one time with your beloved pet.

Simply find one of their photographers to arrange your one on one session at the festival *

*one on one sessions on the day of events are free. * subject to availability.

If we have taken the time to snap a photo and you wish to know more we have a variety of methods to contact us.

ON THE DAY; Today we have a stand where more information can be obtained.

Online; We are contactable via Facebook and Email, we upload most pictures from events to our Facebook as a showcase and catalogue.

If you contact us via email we can send a copy of the event photos for your viewing.



Telephone; We know the saying an image speaks a thousand words but sometimes a nice heart to heart is all it takes to order or even plan a fantastic day with Pawfection Photography. Telephone: 0191 303 7286 Mobile: 0747 677 8324

Visit their Facebook page here

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