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Inspiring festival stories; Saving Grace

How one little dog inspired DMT Dachshund Rescue & Support Group

Over the last few years the festival has welcomed Lesley and her team from the DMT Dachshund Rescue & Support Group; let's find out more about how one little dog changed the lives of so many more. It all began when Lesley adopted her own dog, Grace, a longhaired cream miniature dachshund, who was rescued from a butcher's truck in China along with her two puppies. In July 2019, Lelsey flew to China to volunteer at an organization that rescues dogs from the meat trade and fell in love with Grace. As a registered flight volunteer, Lesley brought Grace home with her, along with three other dogs. The journey involved a flight to Paris and then travel by car and train to Cramlington. Lesley commented “Having been out to China several times and being committed to helping dogs from the dog meat trade I decided to form my own rescue. Dedicated to rescuing dachshunds and dachshund crosses from the meat trade. This has now expanded to South Korea and also breeding facilities and kill shelters”. To date, the organization has rescued over 130 dachshunds, all thanks to Grace, who was the inspiration and driving force behind the rescue efforts. You can find out more about Lesley and the work of her charity at this year’s North East Dog Festival.

Dawn, one of the festivals directors commented “As a team we knew when we created the festival that we wanted it to be accessible to charities; and hearing stories like this cement that. Providing a space where charities can raise money and awareness is really important and we hope Lesely and her team have another great festival”.

As for Grace, she continues to be a loyal companion and a symbol of hope for the many dogs still in need of rescue from the meat trade.


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