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Korben the Therapy Dog: A One in a Million

It's hard to put into words the impact that therapy dogs have on people's lives. They bring comfort, joy, and companionship to those who need it most. And Korben, a bull terrier, was no exception.

Korben was a therapy dog unlike any other. He had a special energy about him that drew people in and made them feel at ease. Whether he was visiting a hospital or a school, he had a way of connecting with people that was truly remarkable.

His work as a therapy dog began when he was just a puppy. His owner, a passionate advocate for animal-assisted therapy, knew that Korben had the perfect temperament to be a therapy dog. And so, they began training together.

It wasn't long before Korben was a certified therapy dog, and he began visiting hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. He quickly became a favorite among patients, residents, and students alike. His owner would often receive messages and letters from people who had met Korben, thanking them for bringing him into their lives.

But Korben's impact went beyond just the people he visited. He also did a lot for his breed. As the only bull terrier within the charity, he represented his breed with pride and helped to break down stereotypes and misconceptions about bull terriers.

One of the proudest moments for Korben and his owner was representing the charity at Crufts. The world's largest dog show was a perfect platform for them to showcase the incredible work of therapy dogs and to demonstrate that any breed can make a great therapy dog.

Annabel commented "Korben was a special soul, whatever the age he had a way about him which just drew people in, he was described as a crowd puller, and he never disappointed. We used to think of him as our pet first, and therapy dog second, but after learning how much he touched the lives of everyone who met him and even those who didn't, it's clear to say, Korben was a born therapy dog in every way, and we we're just lucky enough to be along for the ride"

Sadly, Korben passed away in March. But his legacy lives on. The memories of the joy he brought to people's lives, the impact he had on his breed, and the inspiration he provided to those who knew him, will never be forgotten.


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