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Canny Canines join festival for a day of have-a-go fun

Canny Canines Dog Training Club will once again be joining the North East Dog Festival. The team pulled off a great show at the last festival with 100's of dogs having a go at various activities for lots of great prizes.

This year you can visit them in the Clever Canines area to have-a-go at temptation alley, fastest recall, agility and more.


About Canny Canines Dog Training Company

We are called ‘Canny Canines’ as the word ’Canny’ means clever, astute and wise. It isn’t really because of the North East connection where most things can be considered Canny (particularly if they are cute and furry), but we like that too! Trading for nearly 7 years our business has grown from smaller venues to our very own Dog Training Centre here in the Lovely Tyne Valley.

We are lucky to welcome clients from near and far, and see hundreds of dogs each month, no two the same. We pride ourselves on our bespoke, positive training approach, accredited by the Kennel Club we offer the Good Citizen Award Scheme as the only training venue to offer this service in our area. We work closely with colleagues in the private and charity sectors and are delighted to be the first port of call for local vets and other agencies. Above all we love working with you and your dogs regardless of their doggy journey to us. From pups to golden oldies, rescues, assistance dogs, working dogs, pure breeds to cross breeds, they are all Canny Canines to us!

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