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Sign up for the 7 day free Scentventure training programme

The North East Dog Festival, which takes place September 2nd and 3rd at Kirkley Hall in Ponteland, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Scentventure for this year's event. The festival, now in its 6th year, has grown to be one of the largest dog centered events in the North. However this new partnership means dog owners won’t have to wait until September to try out one of the most popular have a go activities, thanks to the launch of a brand new online Adventure Quest, starting in June. Get involved for free here

The 7 day free Scentventure training programme has been built to hack into the naturally rewarding and relaxing use of your dog's nose. It’s not all about scentwork though - scent is just one of the tools from the unique kit of techniques that bring calm, confidence and focus to reactive, anxious and overexcitable, easily distracted dogs. It helps dogs with loose lead walking, recall and overexcitability issues so their owners can enjoy easier, more relaxing walks. Sign up for free here

Katie Guastapaglia, Founder of Scentventure commented “Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, with 1⁄3 of their brain dedicated to their sniffing superpower. That’s why sniffing is so relaxing - it uses a lot of brainpower and can be a miracle for calming down reactive and easily distracted dogs. It’s been great to partner with the festival and create the Adventure Quest, and we hope to have as many dogs as possible take part to create a wonderful and supportive community”

This collaboration brings an exciting new experience to the festival in September with the Scentventure team of expert instructors offering visitors a chance to learn how quick and simple techniques can make your everyday walks easier, calmer and more fun. Speaking in the Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group Wellness Tipi, Scentventure founder, Katie Guastapaglia will discuss how this way of training is a full and complete solution to your dream of stress free dog walks.

Rebecca and Dawn, Festival Founders commented; “Scentventure is always one of the most popular have a go activities at the festival and Katie and her team bring a wealth of knowledge. Working together this year means we can bring fantastic training opportunities to our festival followers with the free online adventure quest, and we urge anyone with a dog to sign up - as you won’t be disappointed. Dog training is one of our passions alongside helping dogs and their owners; so Katie and her ethos of Scentventure fits very well. The festival is always growing and we love that this partnership adds another layer of learning and exploration opportunities for owners and their dogs.”

Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can sign up to the Adventure Quest at

What people said after just 7 days of Scentventure

‘’He has stopped pulling, if he's on the long line he keeps coming back and checking in, he's like a different dog!’’

Jennifer & Buddy

‘’I feel like there is hope we will eventually be able to enjoy interesting walks without stressing about how busy they might be, which would be amazing! THANK YOU!!’’

Jenny & Stan

‘’I just wanted to say the sincerest of thank yous for all your help this week. I have had a 1-2-1 trainer from July and you have helped me in these 7 days more than he has in the past 6 months.’’

Beth & Buddy

Wanting to know more about September? Limited early bird tickets are now on sale and trade stand applications can be made via the website until the end of June. Visit for more information about what's on.


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